Cora-Max of Masslcats


IC Felis Admiranda Coccaine *HR
Mutter: IC Tasha Garfield's Baby *CZ

Farbe: black-silver-tabby-cl./white
(MCO ns 09 22)

..:: Pawpeds ::..


Montekikis Happy


Vater: WaGIC Hot Pepper Catchfire Tiger's 
Mutter: No Cora-Max of Masslcats

Farbe:  black-silver-tabby
(MCO ns 09 22)



Ascent Alexina


Vater: CH Mainelynx Yurek
Mutter: Ascent Konfekta

Farbe: blue-tabby-ticked

..:: Pawpeds ::..




Montekiki's Elara


Vater: CH WhiteFang of  Leukothea
Mutter: Cora-Max of Masslcats

Farbe: black-tabby/white

..:: Pawpeds ::..


Cheyenne Szarotka *PL


Summerplace Bel Cappo
Mutter: Tiffany Dreams of Maine

Farbe: red-tabby-cl./white
     (MCO d 09 22)

..:: Pawpeds ::..


Montekikis Kimbaly


Vater: Ascent Jackpot (MCO n 22 03)
Mutter: Montekikis Naranji (MCO f 22)

Farbe:  black-tabby/white
(MCO ns 09 22)


Montekiki's Pandora


Vater: WhiteFang von Leukothea
(MCO w)
Mutter: Cora-Max of Masslcats
(MCO ns 09 22)

Farbe:  white - odd-eyed
(MCO w)


Altin Star Lavender Sky


SpiritiofMain Gashish
Mutter: Spiritofmain Alenka

Farbe: black-silver-tabby-ticked/white
     (MCO ns 09 25)